Project “Fag Bug”

Is anyone interested in meeting on Saturday to talk about plans for the “fag bug” tour with Erin Davies? We’ve got some good ideas churning but I think it would help if we could all get together to talk about it. Let me know!

Here’s the background:

A 29-year-old woman named Erin Davies is traveling across the country on a grassroots, self-funded mission to speak out against hate speech and homophobia. Earlier this year she found her VW bug tagged with anti-gay hate-grafitti. Now she’s on a mission and has dubbed her car the “fag bug” and I want to help!

So far the progress is good! Erin said she would like to come to Las Vegas and can make it around July 20/21 18 and 19 26 and 27. (She’s off to San Diego after that.) And at least two feminist friends have offered to give her a place to sleep.

Now we just need to put on a kick-ass event so she can spread her anti-homophobia and anti-hate-speech message! I have a lot of ideas for events but need some help pulling it all together. In addition, Erin needs gas money and food money on her journey so that may mean fundraising.

Can you help?

Are you an artist who can help me put on an art show or donate work toward an auction/raffle?

Are you a concert promoter interested in helping us put on a show to raise money for Erin before she gets here?

Do you have a space that would be great for a rally?

Or are you just the kind of person to help us distribute fliers at First Friday and other events? (Or even help me make some fliers with a cool design?)

We can do this!

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