“Abstinence-only” baloney

The abstinence-only campaigns of misinformation are not working and in fact are failing our kids. To that end, I wanted to pass along this call to action from NARAL Pro-Choice America:

Now that control of Congress is back in pro-choice hands, we have the first chance in more than six years to turn the tide on deceptive “abstinence-only” programs.

Since President Bush took office, Congress has spent a whopping 778 million of your tax dollars on ineffective abstinence-only programs, while studies show that many abstinence-only programs include medically inaccurate and misleading information. Even worse, independent research shows that students in these classes are not more likely to abstain from sex or delay when they become sexually active.

We are working closely with key members of Congress to turn the tide on abstinence-only funding, but right-wing groups won’t let this happen without a fight. Groups like the Family Research Council are holding “Abstinence Day” on Capitol Hill today, where they will try to overwhelm lawmakers with one-on-one lobby visits and flood phone lines with calls from anti-choice activists.

Instead of recklessly spending your tax dollars on programs that don’t work, Congress should focus on commonsense solutions to prevent teen pregnancy. Several bills would do just that, including these two measures:

  • The Responsible Education About Life Act would establish the first-ever federal sex-education program for young people; and
  • The Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Responsibility, and Opportunity Act would help schools set up programs that encourage teens to delay sexual activity and help parents communicate with their children about sex.

We can beat the right wing’s efforts, but we need your help today. Ask your members of Congress to stop funding abstinence-only programs.

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