Leapfrog: Fun game, not so good for the environment

Launce Rake at PLAN (Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada) sent out an e-mail blast today urging people to call their Legislators about a proposed bill which is slated for a hearing tomorrow (Friday).

Here’s the info:



FOR INFORMATION: Call PLAN at (702) 791-1965

The Progressive Leadership Alliance of Nevada is asking people to call State Senators to oppose leapfrog development that would cost taxpayers more money and hinder the ability of counties and cities to deliver critically needed services such as schools, roads, fire and police protection.

Friday, the Senate Government Affairs Committee will consider an amendment to AB 513 that would allow cities to extend many miles away through narrow land corridors such as a utility easement or even a dried up riverbed. The amendment to be considered Friday would shift costs from developers to taxpayers for providing important services miles away from urban centers.

Please call one or more of the committee members:

Chairman Warren Hardy 1 (775) 684-1462

Senator Bill Raggio 1 (775) 684-1419

Senator Randolph Townsend 1 (775) 684-1450

Vice Chair Bob Beers 1 (775) 684-1475

Senator Terry Care 1 (775) 684-6503

Senator John Lee 1 (775) 684-1424

Senator Dina Titus 1 (775) 684-6504

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