Separation Anxiety

Desert Beacon

Symbols Major Religions Remember back in 2010 when Nevada’s resident RWNJ Sharron Angle told us she equated her campaign against Senator Harry Reid (D-NV) as a calling from God?  [ LVSun ]  Her comments were accurately labeled “Reconstructionism.”  “ In this regard, Angle’s view of religion’s role in government parallels that of a religious political movement — Christian Reconstructionism — seeking to return American civil society to biblical law .”   Whatever ‘Biblical Law’ might be.

And herein we get to the basic problem — the confusion of denominationalism, or sectarianism,  with religion or spirituality.  The right wing conservatives extrapolate the demands of their confession onto the legal structure of our nation, to the horror of those who hold to other confessions of faith or to none at all.  The left’s version of separation is partly reactive — Thou Shalt Not Impose Your Confession Upon Others.  However there’s another facet to this as well. …

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