Progressives unite for education initiative

Our friends at ProgressNow Nevada are part of a new initiative to raise the bar on education in Nevada. We can only go up from DEAD LASTamirite?

The press conference later today will be live-streaming, so check it out if you can’t swing by. Here’s the release:

For Immediate Release: March 4, 2014
Contact: Dan Hart – – 702-219-5000

Community Members Launch Campaign in Support of The Education Initiative
They call on big business to pay its fair share at first rally.

LAS VEGAS – On March 5th, community members will gather in front of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce to call on big business to do their part in improving education by paying their fair share. Students, parents, business owners and community leaders will also launch their campaign in support of The Education Initiative.

“The Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce and the big businesses it represents say that their priority is improving the economy. Well they have the opportunity to improve Nevada’s economy by doing their part and investing in our schools,” said Trevor Layne, Owner of Movies and Candy.

“As a state we have constantly invested in attracting new businesses yet we have seen little investment in return,” said Cassie Rice, Owner of GymCats. “It’s time that we call on the businesses we have helped with tax credits and other incentives to invest in our schools and provide our students with a solid education so that they have the opportunity to succeed.”

“Part of our responsibility as business owners is to invest in the communities in which we do business,” said Dominic Cacioppo, DVM, Owner of Park Animal Hospital. “This state asks for very little from us, and in the few instances when it asks for our help, we should bring something to the table instead of turning our backs and just saying ‘NO’.”

WHAT: Community Campaign Launch in Support of The Education Initiative

WHO: Community Members

WHEN: Wednesday, March 5th at 4:15 p.m.

WHERE: Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce, 8363 W Sunset Rd #250, Las Vegas, NV 89113

The community campaign launch will be the beginning of efforts by Nevadans to ensure better opportunities for our students by providing a dedicated source of funding for education.


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