Construction at SCS HQ!

The Sin City Siren gets a room of her own. 1/27/14

The Sin City Siren gets a room of her own. 1/27/14

You may have noticed less fresh posts and updates than normal. I have a very good reason. There has been construction at SCS headquarters! After almost seven years, The Sin City Siren is getting a brand new office! Well, it’s still in my home … but I will have a door! And possibly even a key.

For those of you who don’t/haven’t lived with a small child, this may not seem like such a big deal. Believe me when I say it is a big deal! When my kiddo was born, I gave up the old SCS office to make a nursery. And I have never regretted that. But one can only go so long with piles and more piles and boxes and such strewn about in this nook and that cranny … and mostly at my feet … and in my bedroom closet and taking over a dresser and … It may not seem like there would be much going on behind-the-scenes of a blog like this, but trust me, there is. Taxes! Office supplies! Invoices! Freelance Work! Screenplays! And so much writing, of course.

NOW I SHALL HAVE A ROOM OF MY OWN! Eat your heart out, Virginia Woolf! Fresh posts will be ready soon — sooner if I could just pick a paint color already.

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