Manufacturing in America: One Poutrage At A Time

As usual, Desert Beacon has it on lock when it comes to spoiling Republican “poutrage.”

Desert Beacon

SandovalWelcome Nevada Governor Sandoval to the Republican manufactured poutrage factory.  [Sibelius] Oh, the horror! The Affordable Care Act is taking full effect, complete with health care insurance exchanges on which individuals who don’t have employer sponsored health insurance policies can find insurance in a private market.  That’s right — a selection of plans offered by private health care insurance corporations.   Thus much for the  “demise of the free market” argument.   Oh! But there’s More… people are having their policies cancelled.

Wait, take a breath.  We’ll have another round of hyperbole compliments of a media circus and traveling show that is Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA).   The next road show will in all probability follow the talking points suggestions in the latest GOP memo in which Representatives are called upon to:

1. Collect stories from constituents They want to hear from people whose policies have been cancelled, who…

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