Hobby Lobby adds anti-semitism to list

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Here we go again. Another business that wants to usurp the rights and beliefs of others (employees and customers, alike) in favor of touting their own dogma. In this case, Hobby Lobby has chosen — once again — to alienate and discriminate against people who don’t think like them.

The latest kerfuffle stems from an experience some Jewish shoppers had at a New Jersey store. The shoppers were looking for Hanukkah items, amongst the many Christmas items, and could find none. When they asked about Hanukkah-themed cards and merchandise, the response they got was deeply offensive:

The Hobby Lobby Hanukkah controversy began when Berwitz learned that on a recent shopping trip his wife’s friends could not find anything related to Hanukkah at their local Hobby Lobby store in Marlboro, N.J., though it was stocked with Christmas items.

According to Berwitz, one of the women asked about bar mitzvah cards, and…

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