Lucy Flores gets the Daily Kos treatment

It looks like Assemblywoman Lucy Flores is on a roll. Not only did she get a mention in the Washington Post a few weeks back, but her potential bid for lieutenant governor got some (digital) ink in the Daily Kos on Sunday in this piece: Yes, she should … run for lieutenant governor of Nevada. Indeed, the Nevada LG Democrat ticket is becoming a hotly debated topic on a national stage, which just shines a harsher light on the (could-be) faltering Godfather Reid and why he refuses to give his blessing to Flores, a popular and electable progressive.

Yes. Democrats need a strong, progressive candidate—and who better than Lucy Flores?

Flores, who worked tirelessly to get out the vote, especially in the Latino community, which turned the tide for Democrats who got re-elected by that vote, from that community.

So why is the party leadership ignoring Flores?

Questions are being asked.

Sen. Reid’s historical problem with strong women may come back to bite him if Lucy Flores runs for LG

Hey wait, that’s my post author Denise Oliver Valez is quoting. (Ah, shucks.) But there’s more. Naturally, she goes into the strange way that Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has given the nod to lily-white (and uber-rich) Susie Lee.

Are Latinas supposed to go quietly to the back of the bus, or the back of the line? What does an hermana have to do to get the seal of approval, when she’s already done her job like a trooper and delivered Latino votes?

I’m all the way on the East Coast and I smell algo malo from here.

All I got to say is this.

Lucy Flores, if you are reading this—I hope you give them a run for their money.

Can’t vote for you, but I sure can contribute to your campaign if you run. I believe in electing more and better Democrats, with an emphasis on the better part of the equation. Lucy Flores initiated a regional PAC to help Latino candidates.

I think that she is one strong Latina candidate who should run for higher office, and should not have to kiss anyone’s … ring … to do so.

Say, didn’t I say something about kissing Harry’s ring just a few days ago? (Shut up, ego.) Okay, so Valez nails it. And in the process hints that she would donate to Flores’ would-be campaign, if given the chance. Didn’t I just say something about Flores having unbelievable name recognition on a national level that could turn fairly easily — with the right push — into an in-flux of campaign cash? Getting a splashy Sunday quasi-endorsement from the Daily Kos sure doesn’t hurt.

So, what say you, Flores? Are you going to heed the call of the internet memes and hashtags (#whynotlucy)?

I’ll take it a step further: Hey Lucy — if I could be so bold as to assume you read this — why not announce your candidacy right here on The Sin City Siren? It’ll go nicely with that other sweet hashtag, #fierceflores.

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