Introducing SCS Summer Intern: De’Liza Galimidi

Courtesy of De'Liza Galimidi

De’Liza Galimidi

Sirens, I am pleased to finally introduce to you the newest SCS intern: De’Liza Galimidi.

The competition was fierce this time around! There were a record number of applications this summer as well as the most qualified and interesting candidates I’ve ever had. And it was my pleasure to interview so many fresh, excited, intelligent, and engaged people. That enthusiasm and heart inspire me and validate what I do here, so thank you!

In the coming weeks, you’ll be reading and seeing more of what De’Liza can do. A high school student, she comes with that wonderful fresh perspective of youth and I welcome having a new voice and a new perspective on the team! She has an intelligence and grace that defy her age and I look forward to turning some of her great ideas into great posts here on SCS!

But if there’s one thing feminism teaches us, it is that there is power in defining ourselves. In that spirit, I want to let De’Liza introduce herself, in her own words:

In one of my earliest childhood memories, I find myself sitting in front of a blaring television screen, watching a classic princess film, Cinderella. The scene before my eyes whisked me to a place of adoration. I was even wishing that I, too, could be like Cinderella — polite, loving and beautiful. But as the fairy tale was ending, all went awry. My five-year-old self, who was once full of glee was let down. I realized that Cinderella’s entire existence depended on this one event — marriage — and nothing more. I was upset and confused. It was wonderful that she had found love and celebrated it, but I wanted more. I wanted to see a hero.

Little did I know this disappointment would lead me to my start as a feminist.

Hello Sirens, my name is De’Liza Galimidi and I am The Sin City Siren’s newest intern. Throughout my seventeen years I’ve been grateful to say that over a quarter of those have been spent on the stage. Theater lies at the core of who I am. The lessons I’ve garnered from the stage I carry in life — to live honestly, openly, with kindness, imagination and free. Freedom not only in my own life but in the lives of others. Human trafficking is an issue that I have the utmost passion about eradicating, so much so, that I am dedicating my entire senior year of high school to take action. Through education and volunteer work with women’s organizations, I believe real change will happen. I am inspired by the work of Malala Yousafzai, Lisa Ling and those that choose to keep sharing love and compassion towards the world. I stand for equality of all human beings, the empowerment of women, and the power of words. Sin City Sirens, I cannot wait to get started.

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