More than princesses: Goldie Blox shows engineering is for GIRLS!

A while back I included Goldie Blox — a building toy created by a female engineer who was fed up with such things only being marketed to boys — on the Feminist Parent’s Gift Guide. This toy and the story behind it make my feminist parent heart go all aflutter!

I immediately ordered three — one each for all the little girls in my life. That was back in November, and it was back-ordered until MAY! Now, having just received my box full of Blox, the company has announced that they are infiltrating Toys R Us! But the store is skeptical of the appeal of engineering toys for girls. They have launched a viral video campaign and are urging parents and anyone who loves kids to support Goldie Blox and, more importantly, send a message to corporate America to STOP BOXING IN GIRLS! (And boxing in boys, for that matter.)

Please enjoy this amazing video that inspires even this 30-something kid-at-heart:

Cross-posted from The Tired Feminist.

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