Woman sexually assaulted by court marshall, arrested by same cop

*Trigger Warning: Sexual assault*

What fresh hell is this? A court marshall in the Clark County courts (aka Las Vegas) is seen violating a woman’s civil rights after she accuses him of an improper body search and sexual assault. The judge presiding over the court TURNS HER BACK and plays with the victim’s two year-old child rather than address any of it. Meanwhile, the cop threatens to arrest the victim if she does not recant. She does not and is arrested in front of her daughter for refusing to back down from the truth! Unbelievable!

Folks: This is rape culture! A system of oppression that condones sexual violence — even turns a back on victims — because rape is inevitable for women and girls.

Here’s the Channel 8 report and footage. I repeat: trigger warning.

3 thoughts on “Woman sexually assaulted by court marshall, arrested by same cop

  1. I’m pissed! i saw the footage on HLN, and I was disgusted. What a despicable clerk, judge and officer. That farce seemed more like a back-woods, kangaroo court, than an American Court of Law. I felt so bad for that woman, and her child there alone. Her child had more concern and involvement in the situation than did that cowardly judge. Stomach turning ..it’s a safe bet those three( court officials), have an ‘understanding’, and such an incident couldn’t be the first. I can almost picture those three sharing a drink in a bar after work..laughing about that woman’s terror-filled afternoon..The clerk was a pervert, a bully and an embarrassing, shameless excuse for a man. I feel sorry for any woman (or man) unlucky enough to be involved with him. He does not represent men, or how we feel about women, or, our understanding of how a polite and civilized society appreciates them. He’s a small man; a dying throwback to an attitude and behavior that’s been slow to disappear from modern man’s psyche, but becoming less and less prevalent, and certainly unacceptable. The saddest part of it all? The judge was a WOMAN! Her behavior was a saddening materialization of the “turn a blind eye”. In a courtroom, before a judge,another woman, and being sexually assaulted, while her ‘sister’ turns away. Never seen anything like it. Appalling. Justice, integrity, FAIL! ‘Vegas Family Court – proudly setting back gender equality and justice a hundred years.’ Jaw-dropping, disturbing, en-angering. To all women, mothers, and people everywhere- I apologize for them.

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