NV Senate Majority Leader gets Cowardly Lion treatment for death of AB230

More fall-out from the back-stabbing move by Nevada Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis and a handful of democratic leadership (for now?), who submarined the comprehensive sex ed bill over fears about reelection problems. (By the way, if you are worried that voting on progressive issues will hurt your reelection, you may be in the wrong party.)

I did not make this meme and so far I can’t discern who did. I am posting it here because I love it. If you are the author, feel free to contact me to discuss permission. [Update: It was made, and is used with permission by, ]:


I have to admit, it’s much better than mine. (Not exactly a surprise, considering my sucky graphic skills.)

Copyright: The Sin City Siren

For the full background on why progressives are spitting-mad about the death of AB230, read my post… or click over to the even better take-down by Jon Ralston. And I also recommend Nevada Progressive’s post.

And there is also this GIF-filled take for the so angry you have to laugh stage of grief over the death of AB230.

Finally, I have been humming this song since yesterday. It feels fitting:

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