Thoughts and prayers for Boston

I will not be unleashing my usual brand of feminist outrage today. Rather than promote any events or agenda, I want to take a moment for the victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon today. Right now, reports are that two are dead, nearly two dozen are injured — some in critical condition — after explosives went off in the crowd gathered at the finish line for one of the premier marathons in the world.

Phone lines are very busy, and I saw a tweet from Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department suggesting texting may be better. Indeed, this tragic event is already being heralded as a live-tweeted disaster.

You can try to find loved ones with Google Person Finder.

I have written here about being a runner and my husband is training for a marathon right now. Indeed, many of my friends are runners, some marathoners. So, I see this tragedy from a personal perspective. That could have been me and my daughter in that crowd where the bomb went off — gathered with other friends and family to cheer on a loved one across the finish line. The running community is so open and welcoming of people. It is a sport that almost anyone can take up — even if you are in a wheelchair — because it requires very little money (compared to many other sports and equipment needs). You don’t even have to be good at it or fast or even thin. My toddler is already a runner, enjoying many runs with her father! God knows, I’m a “fat” runner. But there’s room for all of us. To see that spirit crushed by, perhaps, an act of terrorism, makes me very sad.

Of course, nothing makes me sadder than the news that two people are dead and many more are hurt. I do not understand such senseless violence, such discompassionate inhumanity.

And what Americans do so well, is rally behind communities in need. I’m way out here in Las Vegas. How can I help? A good place to start is with the Red Cross. Donate blood — my own daughter’s life was saved by donated blood when she was born, so never doubt that it helps save lives. We can offer comfort and support to first-responders.

4 thoughts on “Thoughts and prayers for Boston

  1. My husband and I started a three week van trip today (from Boulder City) and we learned about this terrible event just moments ago when we moved into a motel room and turned on the TV. Your message was a great comfort to me, dear Siren and I’m so impressed by your suggestions of ways to help!

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