Always Aware: Is he a rape survivor?

We are cognizant that rape culture has messages for cisgender men as well as LGBT individuals. Rape is not just a “woman’s issue.” Learn more about the #AlwaysAware campaign for Sexual Assault Awareness Month.


One thought on “Always Aware: Is he a rape survivor?

  1. I’m SO grateful to you for tackling the difficult issues! Wanted to share that years ago on a Sunday morning, my husband and I were in church and after the service a fellow in a wheelchair asked to talk to my husband. I was working for a sexual assault, domestic violence agency at the time. I left so the men could talk and later my husband told me that the disabled gentleman needed someone to talk to … he had been raped by a group of young men. We didn’t know this man well but we often chatted with him at church so he trusted my husband to listen sympathetically. Our minister’s wife worked for the same agency I did. She and her husband were aware of the issue and my husband explained that to the man who then shared the awful story with the minister. He was put in touch with a professional assault counselor for ongoing counseling.
    Thank you for all you do dear Siren!!

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