The erosion of state-level repro rights

Passing along some info about what looks to be an interesting discussion later today:

On Monday 03/18 at 1pm EST, Mother Jones reporter Kate Sheppard will host a live discussion about how reproductive rights are being increasingly eroded at the state level. We’ll focus on the case of  Mississippi, but discuss how this narrative is playing out in states across the country. Joining me in the live discussion will be Dr. Willie Parker, OB/GYN at Mississippi’s last abortion clinic, Michelle Movahed, staff attorney for the Center for Reproductive Rights and lead counsel fighting the regulations in Mississippi, and Nancy Kohsin-Kintigh, Director of Programs at the ACLU of Mississippi.

Recently, the Arkansas legislature passed the most restrictive anti-abortion laws in the nation. The legislation would ban abortion at 12 weeks if implemented, leading Governor Mike Beebe to label it “blatantly unconstitutional”. Meanwhile, in Mississippi, advocated of “personhood” for zygotes are attempting to ban all abortions by giving fertilized eggs the same rights as adult humans, while the state’s last remaining abortion clinic struggles to stay open. It’s been 50 40 years since the Supreme Court decided Roe v. Wade, yet reproductive rights are being significantly restricted in numerous states across the country.
Given these developments, I know this will be a important, productive, and timely conversation. I hope you’ll be able to join us by watching the live stream here. You can also submit questions in advance that I will ask the panelists at this link or by live-tweeting them to @MotherJones under the hashtag #KeepingChoiceAlive.

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