Feminist Files: R-E-S-P-E-C-T

  • Hallelujah! News broke yesterday that a Mississippi baby born HIV-positive was cured following aggressive treatment. It is only the second time in the world that this has been documented. Promising for children infected, although there may be no correlation to treatment for adults. Still. That’s pretty awesome!
  • Throwing like a girl: Check out this Desert Companion piece (by yours truly) about how a Title IX lawsuit by the National Women’s Law Center is slowly equalizing the playing field for girls sports in the Clark County School District — including adding girls flag football this year.
  • Bureaucracy of change: The Census Bureau announced it will stop using the word “negro” as a racial classification, opting instead to use “black” or “African-American.” Americans across the land cocked their head to the side and said, “People still use the word ‘negro?'” Change looks good on you, Census Bureau.
  • T-shirt Hell: Amazon has apologized and removed the “Keep Calm and Rape Alot” t-shirts being peddled on their site. Online feminist community: 1, Rape culture: 0.
  • What’s eating you? It turns out, sugar is bad mmmkay. No really. New research points to sugar as a singularly responsible factor in diabetes, across race, gender, economic status, geographic regions, obesity, and more. And when you’re done reading that, check out Mother Jones’ expose on Big Sugar. Consider it a master class on how “food” corporations — from GMO seeds to organic and “natural” food certifications — manipulate and influence academic research at a PR tool. When the USDA and FDA are exposed as shills (at worst) or incompetent (at best) at unbiasedly policing for the greater good… It makes it hard to trust what we know is “true” about what we eat.
  • Must see (femme) TV: Enlightened creator Mike White parses the intersection of entertainment and audience and finds that dudes just don’t want to watch strong women on TV.
  • Prop 8: Obama signs on to support marriage equality in SCOTUS Prop 8 case. ‘Bout time.
  • Anything else? National Review contributor Heather MacDonald attacks validity and humanity of homeless female veterans who were sexually assaulted.
  • Fuck Vegas: This article about people who love to hate Las Vegas made me laugh. You do have to have a tough skin to live here. It ain’t easy being a living embodiment of the capitalist dream. ‘Cause if it don’t make money, it doesn’t stay here, baby.
  • They said what? The intended target audience for the Said to Lady Journos tumblr might seem narrow. It’s all things that have really been said to female journalists on the job. Some really sexist shit. But I would argue that many women have heard comments similar to these in professions other than journalism. I like the sense of community and the fact that we really are all in this together.

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