Alaskan Republican gigglefest over gay rights

Where is Robert DeNiro Joe Pesci when we need him? After these Republicans start laughing when a reporter asks them about the potential for their caucus to consider same-sex marriage rights — kudos to that reporter for having the balls to ask — I want the same reporter to then respond by saying, “Am I funny to you? Am I a clown?…”

While I have a sense of shame that this video comes out of my home state — probably not a surprise to those who only know Alaska because of Sarah Palin — somehow I find a kind of hope in this. As The Advocate reports, 67 percent of Alaskans support some form of legal recognition for same-sex couples. And a Pew Center poll shows that state’s approval rating for same-sex marriage to be within eight points at 51 percent (against) to 43 percent (in favor). In fact, this shows some real progress in Alaska. And the fact that these Republicans look like asses in a video gone viral… all the better.

And PS: How awesome is it that I got this video from my Lutheran mother-in-law who still lives in Alaska? Christian progressives in Alaska? You betcha!

2 thoughts on “Alaskan Republican gigglefest over gay rights

  1. You got me windupmyskirt! I blame this wicked ear infection and the medicine head. But really, there’s no excuse… I know better. 🙂

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