Feminist Files: Snowmageddon edition

While I may not personally have to navigate the Nemo Snowstorm madness, I know many of you are hunkered down. Having grown up in Alaska, I know the drill. Be careful. Stay calm. And remember: Work, groceries… It’ll all be there after the snow stops and the plows and salt trucks have tamped down a path. Here’s hoping you are all keeping safe and happy. And no need to ration the feminist news while you wait out the storm, though…

  • Abortion politics: If righteous indignation is a heat-source, then prepare to feel toasty. North Dakota’s state senate passed a personhood bill. In Arkansas, the governor has said he’ll sign a new abortion coverage ban and a ban on abortions after 12 weeks. And South Dakota is floating a “no weekends and no holidays” 72-hour waiting period on abortion.
  • No shame: CNN is looking for people who will share their story about getting an abortion.
  • The Medicaid memo: Republican governors are, for the most part, finally getting on board with expanding Medicaid under Obamacare. (There are still 11 governors, all Republican, who are holding out.) Arizona finally came into the fold, according to this Washington Post story, after noticing that all neighboring states (including Nevada) have signed on in some form. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: We can get progressive change through Republican governors. Those of us whose state legislatures are in session, let’s take some inspiration in this and get the progressive agenda on the books.
  • Fair and balanced: There’s been some chicanery in Nevada’s tax structure for a long time. But things are coming to a head with the inequities in funds for cities, including North Las Vegas. Learn more here at Nevada Progressive.
  • ‘Recreational’ Welfare: Desert Beacon has a good round-up, including a bit about the proposal for drug testing Welfare recipients. Because if there’s one thing I remember from growing up on Welfare and food stamps… poverty makes it so much easier to score drugs.
  • Success stories: New Pew Research Center study finds that children of immigrants achieve higher levels of education than population as a whole.
  • I’m sorry, but…: Hey ladies, no need to apologize for having a brain or an opinion! (Jezebel)
  • Dirty deeds, done dirt cheap: For the first time since the Black Friday walkout, Walmart workers are striking. And the corporate monolith is striking back. Do I sense panic at Wallyworld HQ?
  • Vegan drive-thru: One of the hardest parts of being vegan — it’s true, I’m vegan — is finding accessible quick foods for when I’m on the go. Natural-foods-section mainstay Amy’s Kitchen is looking to branch out into restaurants. Plans are for California in 2014. Here’s hoping it’s the start of a major trend!
  • Stalking Rom-coms: A lot of times love looks like stalking in the movies. And it’s not all Charade and Say Anything. There are plenty of modern-day examples. Something to think about as you troll Netflix for something to watch this weekend.
  • #HealthyLove: Speaking of healthy (and not healthy) relationships… How about joining the #HealthyLove tweetchat on Feb. 11 in honor of Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month? The chat will be hosted by my colleagues at Fem2.0. I’ll be there!
  • Messing with Anne: As a devoted Anne of Green Gables fan, I am truly vexed by this “makeover” of Anne’s image on a new release. Um, Anne is a freckled red head, you fuck-wits. At least read the first chapter of the first book before you start messing with legendary characters! I’m actually quite pissed about this. Also, by modern-day terms, Anne starts the series as a tween. So… yeah.
  • Wunderkind creates cancer test: This story actually makes me really happy on many levels. (1) This high school freshman is so engrossed (and encouraged) in science that he’s doing experiments in his basement that are changing the world! (Imagine what other geniuses are walking the halls of high schools, but fail to reach their potential because of our crumbling education system?) And (2) what he’s invented is (possibly) a new way to screen for pancreatic cancer, one of the most deadly of all cancers because it is often found too late. If this invention passes FDA muster, it will do nothing short of revolutionize our ability to fight pancreatic cancer! As someone who has lost a loved one to pancreatic cancer — which can often run in families and therefore my husband and daughter are both potentially at risk — I pray for the potential of this discovery/invention.
  • Hate crimes: Have you RSVP’d for the hate crimes event on April 19 featuring Erin Davies and her Fag Bug? Have you shared it with your friends?

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