A look at Roe at 40

I wrote a series of posts in anticipation of the 40th anniversary of Roe v Wade on Tuesday, Jan. 22. What is the state of Roe today? What is our legacy? These questions and more are examined in the links below.

In addition, my colleagues at Fem2.0 (@Fem2pt0) will be hosting a tweetchat on Tuesday from 1-2 pm (ET). Joining us will be RH Reality Check’s Editor in Chief Jodi Jacobson and NARAL Deputy Director Caroline O’Shea. The tweetchat is co-hosted with WIN and DCAF. The hashtag is #RoeAt40.

There is also going to be a tweetchat the hour before (12-1 pm ET), led by the National Abortion Funds (@AbortionFunds). Their hashtag will be #Roe40chat.

I’ll be on both and you can follow me @TheSinCitySiren.

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