Romney Creature Feature: Dracula

In the spirit of Halloween and this final full week of the presidential campaign season, I present The Sin City Siren’s very own Creature FeatureWhat if Romney wins?!

Are you ready for the frights that await you?

In this installment, meet Dracula

Image used with permission via Wikimedia

Welcome to the Romney/Ryan administration… where the very lifeblood of the education could be drained by deep cuts and more. In running-mate Paul Ryan’s budget, a proposed 20 percent in cuts in discretionary spending across unspecified departments could mean slashing the education budgetby a fifth.

But let’s move out of the realm of phantom proposed budgets and look at real statements by Romney, who said, “Hiring school teachers is not going to raise the growth of the US economy.” That’s funny. I thought hiring people was the same as more people having jobs. And I guess Romney never learned about the correlation between education level and income. I may not have a fancy Harvard education, but it sure seems to me that hiring teachers is a win-win.

Meanwhile, Romney has another arithmetic problem, particularly when it comes to classroom sizes. He as repeatedly said that smaller class sizes are not a factor in student academic achievement and performance. This flies in the face of research on how beneficial smaller classes are — especially for children of color.

Is it possible that a Romney administration could be more disastrous to our education system than No Child Left Behind. It’s time we move up in the world, not further down.

Stay tuned for another frightening installment of the Romney Creature Features!

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