Romney Creature Feature: Bride of Frankenstein

In the spirit of Halloween and this final full week of the presidential campaign season, I present The Sin City Siren’s very own Creature FeatureWhat if Romney wins?!

Are you ready for the frights that await you?

In this installment, meet The Bride of Frankenstein

Used with permission via Wikimedia

It has been well-documented here at SCS and across the interwebs how truly chilling a Romney presidency would be for women. But let’s review: from abortion rights to access to health care, women lose under a Romney administration! If he wins and the policies he’s campaigning on were enacted, it could mean that 90 percent of abortions would be banned. He would defund Planned Parenthood. He would restrict access to birth control and move to repeal health care reforms that have given women unprecedented access to all forms of health care (including eliminating pre-existing conditions clauses… something some insurance companies use to remove women who have had c-sections or been victims of domestic violence!).

There’s more. So much more. But it’s all too scary to contemplate…

Stay tuned for another frightening installment of the Romney Creature Features!

4 thoughts on “Romney Creature Feature: Bride of Frankenstein

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