GOTV: Now or never

Passing this along from our friends at ProgressNow Nevada and Planned Parenthood:

The election is only 14 days away. Early voting has started and our values are on the line at the ballot box.

This will be a close election. Every vote is important and can make the difference.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood to help make sure voters know who stands for our values before they go to the polls.

Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood have volunteer opportunities available from now until Election Day to talk with voters and let them know who stands for a better Nevada.

Get more information about how to get involved:

This election is about healthcare and protecting the middle class. We need representatives who will side with people instead of insurance companies.

This election is about education and opportunity. Every child deserves the opportunity to be successful.

We can make these things happen. But it’ll only happen if we work for it.

Signup to volunteer a few hours to make Nevada a better place:

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