Feminist Files: Our daughters, ourselves

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If something in this list doesn’t raise your blood pressure, you might be a zombie:

  • This. Is. War. There is so much in the Salon piece by Mary Elizabeth Williams — from Reddit troll Michael Brutsch to slut-shaming HPV vaccine use — that I could write a long, angry post just on this alone. But I am refraining from doing that, because I think my head might explode if I drill too deeply into The war on 12-year-old girls. You can hate the war-framing in the lead all you want. But I hope you hate a cultural misogyny so deep that it actually rewards people like Brutsch for creating sub-Reddit sites like Jailbait and Rapebait. In particular, Brutsch (who admitted he had sex with his step-daughter) proudly shows off an award he got from Reddit for creating such popular content. As Williams asks: What is it about young girls that’s so incendiary? … They pick on girls because it’s easier than dealing with adult women; that’s how weak they are.
  • Honor? Where art thou? The Boy Scouts have been on my shit list for some time thanks to their bigoted stance toward the LGBTQ community. Honestly, if you think that non-heterosexual men are bad people based on their sexual orientation, then I have a very difficult time sharing oxygen with you. But now it has come to light that there (allegedly) has been a decades’ long cover-up of sexual abuse by scout masters. More than 1200 names are collected in something referred internally as the “Perversion Files.” Now, in some of these files the only “perversion” was being a suspected homosexual. But in many, many files there are graphic details of boys who were molested and used sexually by adults associated with the program. This goes so far beyond Penn State that we need a new word for revolting. This is Catholic Church territory. As a survivor of sexual abuse, my heart goes out to the victims. I was a part of the Girl Scouts (an entirely different entity) as a kid and it was a wonderful adventure and a safe haven from violence in my home life. This news fills me with rage. I hope they turn the Boy Scouts organization inside out. I hope those who are responsible for abuse are hunted and brought to justice in the most public and humiliating fashion possible. And I hope that what happens next is a banner of justice for all of us who survived.
  • That. Just. Happened: Illinois Rep. Joe Walsh said there is never an instance when an abortion is necessary to save a woman’s life. I’m thinking he wished he could have aborted that thought before it birthed out of his mouth (but not out of his heart!) in a forum where people could quote him back to himself.
  • Meanwhile…: This piece reminds us that nobody wins when politicians play tug-o-war with women’s rights. If I’m not selling it enough, there’s this nugget: In this tug-of-war, women’s bodies are dismembered and their humanity diminished. While one side attempts to strip women of the ability to end or prevent a pregnancy and another side works to safeguard that right, the focus is solely on the uterus. This struggle divorces the uterus from the woman and treats the uterus as an independent entity that functions separately from her body and life. In the end, actual living, breathing women become irrelevant and simply viewed as incubators whose purpose and worth is to bear children.
  • Man, I feel like a woman: So, now that Candy Crowley (and Martha Raddatz) crushed it moderating important election debates and it was announced that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler are co-hosting the Golden Globes, we can stop thinking its super-big news when a woman has a high-profile, important public event. Right? This normalizes women as equally capable as men at doing these kinds of gigs. Right? … Right?
  • They do exist! So, there are Mormon feminists. Really. And they are for Obama. Really.
  • Voting while trans: Why do we list gender on the voter registry? And what kinds of problems can that create for transgender people? Read this. It’s important.
  • Busted: My Fem2.0 colleague Megan Kearns had a nice piece last week called the 5 Domestic Violence Myths I Learned from Watching ‘Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” You don’t need to read it because October is domestic violence awareness month. You should read it because these myths are that pervasive that we still have to talk about them.

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