The good, the bad, and the inequity

Slate has crunched the numbers and come out with a map (Lower 48 only, I might add) that shows how much the wage gap varies from state to state:

In every state, women make a fraction of what men make. In some counties, they make half as much—or less.

Women in Utah have it the worst. There, the average working woman makes 55 cents for every dollar the average working man makes. The state is followed closely by Wyoming, at 56 cents; Louisiana, at 59 cents; North Dakota, at 62 cents; and Michigan, at 62 cents. The best states for income equality are Hawaii, Florida, Nevada, Maryland, and North Carolina. In each, women make about three-fourths of what men make.

While there is good news for Nevada — for once we are not worst at something — even in so-called good states there is a gap between what men and women work. Points for those places that are more fair to women, but it’s not enough to level this incredibly uneven playing field.

Mitt Romney has been pilloried for his “binders full of women” remark while answering a debate question about wage equity and job discrimination. His answer shows how out of touch he is on this issue. But more importantly, this map shows us how much cultural sexism and discrimination are bleeding women and families dry. All those cents that women don’t make for  every dollar a man makes add up, after all. In times like these we can’t afford to let gender biases dictate incomes.

It’s time for equal pay for equal work!

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