Feminist files: Here comes the veep!

The debate starts in just a few hours. You ready?

  • Shame sheet: If he needs it, Salon has Joe Biden’s crib sheet of Paul Ryan’s shameful quotes.
  • Five Alive: And if you need a crib sheet on Paul Ryan there are not one, but two Top 5 lists boiling down Paul Ryan’s craziest beliefs.
  • Liar, liar! And don’t forget, Paul Ryan is a big fat liar.
  • Always a bridesmaid: Typically, voters don’t give veep candidates much consideration in the voting booth. But it might matter this time.
  • No Crazy Joe: And just because Ryan is a Tea Party wet-dream, don’t think that this debate is an easy A for Biden. He has to bring the pain… and no gaffes. (Although, I still say the “This is a big fucking deal” quote is classic, not crazy. Healthcare for all is a big fucking deal!)
  • BINGO! Got your bingo cards?
  • Drinking game alert! Feministing has the deets on your drinking words.

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