Feminist voter flashcards

It’s Oct. 10 and that means there are only 10 more days left before early voting starts in Nevada (and other states). And just because I want to push the dial a bit the day before the vice presidential debate, let’s look at some flashcards to brush up on why there is a lot at stake for women this election:

[Except where noted, all of these images come courtesy of ThisIsPersonal.org, a project of the National Women’s Law Center. Find out more here.]

Being denied insurance coverage because of this really weird thing called preg-nan-cy. I hate it when that happens:

Just because you don’t hear about ultrasound laws that much in debates, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist:

Words to live by:

Say it with me now — Equal pay for equal work!

From Planned Parenthood (citing this national study):

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