Feminist Files: Case of the Mondays

Image courtesy of Creative Commons

I’m nursing a sick two-year-old, so we’re gonna keep this quick:

  • Mitt Romney hates you: And by you, I mean people who think food is an entitlement. I suppose now we’re going to be hearing about the 47% — those Romney claims don’t pay any income taxes. And I’m sure this is in part because those 47% are, and I paraphrase, lazy-gay-brown-skinned-welfare-female-abortionists-who-hate-jesus. That about covers it, right? Oh, I’m sure I’m leaving out some segment Romney hates, but he’ll get around to letting us know who they are soon enough. Snarky Jezebel round-up. Mother Jones site with full videos.
  • Paycheck blues: In Hanna Rosin’s new book The End of Men, she posits that as women have started to take over as college grads, breadwinners, and more, that our culture is in the throes of a radical paradigm shift away from the male-dominated-misogyny-hierarchies that has defined us thus far. I haven’t read the book, which just came out. But my colleague over at Fem2 is thinking maybe Rosin is jumping the gun a bit, considering new Census data showing women are still lagging behind men in pay equity. Read more here.
  • Mc-Hater Airport: It’s an open secret here in Nevada that one of our most well-known politicians was also a bit of a douchebag. Sen. Patrick McCarran — you might recognize that name as the same as our airport — was a McCarthy loyalist and some say a lot worse. Is naming stuff after him like giving ourselves a black eye? This Las Vegas Sun letter to the editor writer thinks so.
  • I love my gay son: This piece titled “Conversations I Don’t Want to Have with My Son” will make you angry, because it’s true.
  • Remembering OWS: It seems like a lot more than one year ago that we were all talking about Occupy Wall Street. A look back at the movement, from beginning to now.
  • Plastic beauty myth: This mom, professor, and psychotherapist is shining a light on some scarily thin mannequins at JC Penney (and no doubt other stores). In the image in this story, a female mannequin leg is smaller than her forearm. Disturbing realities in unrealistic beauty standards that pervade our country and our cultural ethos. She wrote the company and is asking that they do better.
  • Realistic female action heroes? Director James Cameron — who gave us Sarah Connors in Terminator 2 and Ripley in Aliens — wonders why there aren’t more realistic female action heroes. Me too.

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