Brews and Balls: Join the SCS bowling team for abortion access!

The Sin City Sirens bowling team for the National Network of Abortion Funds bowl-a-thon will be playing Sunday (April 15) at 1pm at the South Point Bowling alley! Sign up for the team here!

Or click on the link in the right-hand column to sign up now! ——>>

Don’t have time to sign up online? Just show up with a donation and join in the fun! The important thing is to raise funds for this good cause and have a good time!

We’ve raised $290 so far! Thank you to all those who have donated! Please help us reach our goal of $500!

WHO: The Sin City Sirens bowling team
DATE: Sunday, April 15
TIME: 1pm
WHERE: South Point Casino bowling alley (I-15 at Silverado Ranch)


WHY: This is a chance to provide access to women all over the country who struggle to come up with the basic fees for the procedure — which can range from $450 to $3000 — and then sometimes just can’t quite cover all the other added costs. Child care, time off work, gas money to drive to the clinic which can sometimes be in another state, hotel (if there’s a waiting period), additional fees for additional procedures (like transvaginal ultrasounds)… the list goes on and on.

And all you AFAN AIDS Walk walkers… Consider this your chill after-party! Re-hydrate after the fun outside and throw a few strikes to work those arms (it’s cross-training!). And let’s not forget that some women with HIV/AIDS choose or need to terminate their pregnancies because of risks to their health or the fetus.

It’s easy to see why we need the Abortion Funds network! They fill the gaps and help women — often already mothers — who just need that extra bit to break through those roadblocks!

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