Should The UFC grow up? More than 500 people think so!

Yesterday we reached an amazing milestone with the petition calling for The UFC to enact a code of conduct! The 500th person signed on to join this campaign (thanks Nick!) to get The UFC to join the big leagues with other major sports organizations and create a clear rule book that outlines what is unacceptable behavior from fighters (and staff)! Hint: hate speech and rape tweets should be banned!

Haven’t signed yet? Why not take a sec and do it right now! (I’ll wait.)

But maybe signing a petition just isn’t hands-on enough for you. Good news! There’s a chance for you — yes you — to get your voice heard on this issue Wednesday, Feb. 22! The Nevada Athletic Commission is holding a special workshop to address concerns and take public comment about mixed martial arts. I encourage EVERYONE who cares about this issue to get thee to this meeting, which starts at 9 am! Here’s a link with all the details.

In the meantime, I would also ask that we all write Letters to the Editor to share our message! (I’ll be posting mine here in a few days.)

And, if you’ve missed any past updates or want more info on this campaign and all the amazing organizations and individuals involved, just click here.

2 thoughts on “Should The UFC grow up? More than 500 people think so!

  1. I just clicked your site by mistake and am glad i did…..i have never laughed so loud for so long. The title “should the UFC grow up” got me, then i read on to find that its because you dont like the fighters talk!!!!! I think all 500 (lmao) should grow up and find something else to focus on. If you think that anyone at Zuffa or DAna white will listen to a measly 500 people who have nothing better to do than moan about other peoples behaviour you are sadly mistaken. The banter is a part of the sport. It happens in boxing all the time and dont even get me started on wrestling. UFC is an adult sport and if you dont like it then maybe you should grow up and join everyone else in the world that when they dont like something they dont pay any attention to it and find something that they can enjoy. A very sad bunch of people but i have to thank you for the best laugh i have had in a while, and unlike you lot i tend to laugh quite often.

  2. I think you are looking for attention more than anything and want to lead this “charge”. Get off your high horse you idiot.

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