Enjoying the chorus at Voices for Choice

Just wanted to quickly thank Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada for putting on a wonderful event with Voices of for Choice tonight. The place was packed with awesome pro-choice people representing a wide cross-section of our community — from ages 16 to (proudly) 63, women, men, LGBTQ individuals, mothers and fathers, child-free by choice, multicultural, and many races  … and more!

It was a wonderfully refreshing event that was very inspirational to my pro-choice and progressive activism!

Even though, in my sinus-infection recovery, I talked until I lost my voice (I’m aware of the irony), the event also served as a great reminder for how important it is that we all use our voices to stay connected with each other and for raising awareness about the work we do and why it’s so important. I dare say that women’s health care choices have never been under so great an array of attacks since at least Roe v. Wade passed nearly 40 years ago.

As a converted pro-choice Republican addressed the room, he probably delivered one of the most powerful testimonies about the effectiveness of our voices. But we have to keep having those conversations and making those connections, be they at the office watercooler, sitting next to someone at church, or while waiting for class to start. It is through the passion of our convictions and the truth in our purpose that we change people’s minds. And it is incumbent upon all of us to ensure that the rights we have today are not only preserved for ourselves, but for our children, too.

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