What the hell is a caucus, anyway?

With all this talk about Iowa, maybe you’ve thought (secretly) to yourself, “What the hell is a caucus, anyway?” And how’s it different than a primary? Well, luckily Planned Parenthood is here to help with this handy training session on Tuesday!

And while I’m at it, mark your calendars for the Roe v Wade anniversary celebration, Voice for Choice!, on Jan. 28 at 7 pm at the Planned Parenthood offices on Charleston.

3 thoughts on “What the hell is a caucus, anyway?

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  2. As someone who ran a caucus here in Nevada in 2008 … just be warned that it is not as easy as it looks. Be prepared to deal with confrontational personalities and those who wish to derail the process. Also note that your first act will be holding a vote whose winner if it is not you will take your spot as president of the caucus.

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