This Christmas… how about no sexist toys?


Buckets of Lego blocks sold in "convenient" gender-coded pink and yellow boxes.

I admit, I’m running a bit late on a Tired Marketing FAIL post on sexist holiday ads/toys, but perhaps this post is like a Christmas present — the thought that counts?

  • So, let’s talk about Legos: There’s a call from folks on the other side of the pond (kudos PinkStinks for always being on top of sexism in toys/marketing) for the company to stop promoting sexist stereotypes by marketing different Legos to boys than girls. This has been a problem for years. Pink blocks? But here’s the deal, I didn’t realize that they haven’t always done that. So the pink blocks are a choice? Lame.
  • Next up, Toys R Us: Let’s face it, they do an excellent job reinforcing the gender status quo. In fact, Pigtail Pals has a really comprehensive take-down of their holiday ads. Is there a reason why there’s a little girl playing with the kitchen set (and a reason why it’s pink?) on the facing page of a boy playing with a Batman set? Lame.
  • And then there’s this round-up of sexist, racist and down-right terrible (real) toys for girls. It’s funny, because it’s true.

But there may be some good news on the fight to take the gender-coding out of the toy aisle. Check out this pic that my friend Kris texted me while she was shopping for her daughter:


Looks like this manufacturer got the memo: Girls can be doctors!

What about you? Have you spotted a really sexist or racist toy? Or received a truly sexist piece of marketing in your mailbox this holiday season? I want to know! Tell me all about it in the comments section!

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