Feminist files: Prochoice politics edition

Here we go:

  • Let’s start off nice and easy: The Shade Tree has a Groupon going. If you donate $10 you feed women and children at the shelter!
  • SURJ will be meeting tomorrow (Oct. 4) at 5:30 pm on the UNLV campus at Houssels House. If you’re a young feminist in Las Vegas, you’ll probably want to be there (a couple of their members are the ones who organized SlutWalk Las Vegas). Discussion will be about the TWO personhood petitions (info on one of them here) and domestic violence awareness month.
  • Love Your Body Day is coming up on Oct. 19.
  • National Coming Out Day is Oct. 11. Get the HRC app here.
  • Who knew the Hyde Amendment and I were both born 35 years ago this month? Here’s hoping there are no more birthdays for this amendment that only serves to hurt the poorest, most disadvantaged women in our communities. (But plenty more birthdays for me, please!)
  • The US Conference of Catholic Bishops is lobbying to get a religious exemption for coverage of contraceptives. Please sign the Center for Reproductive Rights’ petition to Health and Human Services Director Kathleen Sebelius. Don’t let a vocal, religious minority drown out the voices of the majority who favor (and need) access to affordable health care, including contraception!
  • Speaking of denying access to affordable health care: There’s a new battlefront in the War on Women. Members of the House are going after Planned Parenthood funding hard.
  • And in other outrage news: Teacher fired over pumping breast milk at work.

2 thoughts on “Feminist files: Prochoice politics edition

  1. Cyclingrandma, thanks for stopping by and glad you liked the post! To answer your questions:

    1. I found the PP badge by googling for Planned Parenthood badges. They had some available for free on one of their sites (I think this one came from a PP myspace page). (And you can feel free to steal the PP badge off my site, if you want to use it.)

    2. You can find info on newstex at http://newstex.com.

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