In case you missed it…

Some tidbits from the interwebs to ease you in on Monday morning:

  • You know what helps me chase away a case of the Mondays? A 140-character tweet from my favorite green, vegan, hegemony-smashing friend on twitter FEMINIST HULK!
  • Something else I enjoy reading? Bossypants by Tina Fey! I finished it over the weekend and it is awesome! In fact, I’ve picked it for the next Sin City Siren Book Club. When should we meet?
  • Are women really to blame for the glass ceiling? Facebook exec Sheryl Sandberg says yes. (My question is this: Is that really what she’s saying, or is that how the media is framing the question?)
  • Speaking of women and equality, how about a check-in with Title IX. Or, to put it another way: Have you been watching the Women’s World Cup? (It’s soccer, in case you haven’t a clue what I’m talking about.) Women my age and older will remember the now legendary image of US Women’s soccer player Mia Hamm ripping off her jersey in celebration when the 1999 team won the World Cup that year. (Isn’t it funny to think that a woman showing her sports bra was scandalous? Those who were horrified should visit my gym some time.) I admit, I have a what can only be described as a completely non-committal, less-than-passing interest in soccer. (It’s fine. Eh, what else is on?) But my husband, on the other hand, absolutely loves it. Women, men. He does not care. World Cup is the bees knees to him (and his mother). But I digress. My point is, it’s on. And, it’s really a testament to the power of Title IX that we had that best-in-the-world team back in 1999. And that our team is kicking so much ass this time around, too. There was a good feature on ESPN about this and I’m sure it will be on again. I couldn’t find it on their website, but I did find this interview with Brandi Chastain (who was on that 1999 team). So, anyway, let’s hear it for the women!

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