Normal is the watchword

What does “normal” mean, anyway? These links are food for thought:

  • Congratulations to New York for legalizing same-sex marriages, making it the sixth state to do so! (39 states have bans against same-sex marriage.)
  • Did you all see this fun infographic from the New York Times? With a few easy clicks, you can see how many other American households share the same make-up as yours. (A little over 21% of US households are heterosexual married couples. Male unmarried partners = 0.22%; female unmarried partners = 0.17%. Single woman = 15% while single man = 12%.) Not only can you find out how rare or typical your household is, but it also gives data on what time in history your household would be most common. Mine? The 1950s!
  • Speaking of who is populating American households: Gallup polls over the past 70 years have consistently shown that Americans would rather have boys over girls. (But the idea that socially constructed ideas about gender create inequalities is just crazy.)
  • Gender is dead! Or, maybe it’s not. According to a new study there is no gender. Or gender is real and our perception of it is fluid. Eh, you decide. (PS: Is it wrong that it makes me happy that there is a photo related to my alma mater the University of Oregon with this story? Even if it is of cheerleaders?)
  • How do you stop the institutionalized nature of gender stereotypes? Get them while they’re young, like this Swedish preschool, which has eradicated gender.
  • A positive sign: 117 communities in Africa’s Gambia have pledged to end female genital mutilation and forced marriage.
  • So, we’re still talking about SlutWalk. (And yes, there’s some folks planning a SlutWalk here in Las Vegas.) Is the term “slut” universal or is it still encoded with the white voice? Andrea Plaid breaks down how she, as a woman of color, switched sides from anti- to pro-SlutWalk.

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