This and that

I’ve been dealing with a sick baby for the past four days (she’s on the mend, thankfully), so I haven’t had much time to get on the computer. In the mean time, here are some stories that have caught my interest:

  • The Third Wave Foundation has released a compelling report and infographic, which details exactly how difficult it is to get an abortion, from start to finish.
  • Now that you’re fired up about the myriad roadblocks on the path to abortions, check out this handy link from Planned Parenthood, which gives state-specific details on attacks on reproductive health care.
  • Changing gears a bit, have you ever thought about where our ideas about thin=good and fat=bad originate? Yes, the media is a big player. But what about children’s literature? This post gives some serious food for thought (no pun intended).
  • Speaking of kids, did everyone catch the CBS Nightly News report on Las Vegas’ very own Whitney Elementary school, which has a nearly 85% homeless rate? It’s a heartbreaking — and embarrassing — story from our own backyard. (And it begs the questions: How much worse is it going to get now?)
  • National retailer Old Navy unveils PRIDE t-shirts. No word yet on whether or not they will come ashore in Las Vegas.
  • And just in time for Father’s Day, this Scratchbomb post, written by a father of girls, tackles the difficult path for girls — beset on all sides by social pressures, other girls, and marketing that tells them to hate their bodies and themselves — and how much faster their childhood slips away than it does for boys.

Hopefully, I’ll get a chance to elucidate more fully on these and other issues soon…

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