Color therapy

One of the boxes of coloring books and crayons collected!

Thank you to everyone who donated coloring books and crayons!

As you might recall, these goodies are going to kids who are undergoing chemo treatments. It’s just a little something to make their time at the hospital a little less, well, gray. Through the generosity of many friends, including members of Northwest Community Church, I managed to collect 50 books and packs of crayons and I will be delivering them by the end of the week.

If you missed getting some coloring books and crayons to me, don’t worry! You can drop them off yourself with the organizer of the drive, Carolyn Hayes Uber c/o Stephens Press at 1111 W. Bonanza Road during normal business hours.

Again, thanks so much for stepping up and helping out! I am always inspired by the generosity of our community!

Simultaneously posted on The Tired Feminist.

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