In other news from the Nevada Legislature…

With all the big news today about the big budget deal — which could mean that the biggest hurdle of the session is all but behind the governor and legislators, and dare I say it, that the Legislature may end on time this session (the first time in 10 years)? — there has been action on some other bills you might care about that you might have missed.

Here’s my quick snapshot:

  • Last week, Gov. Brian Sandoval signed the bill (AB211) adding “gender expression and identity” into Nevada’s ENDA law that protects workers from discrimination on the job. Nevada is only the 14th state to enact such protections for transgender individuals. (For once, we’re not LAST at something good!)
  • Likewise, SB331, which protects against discrimination in public accommodations has passed both houses, too.
  • A bill prohibiting the shackling of pregnant prisoners unanimously passed both houses.
  • AB501, which authorizes a study on the cost of the death penalty to Nevada, passed out of the State Senate with a vote of 11-10 (along party lines) this past weekend. It is headed to the governor’s desk for signature, which many are calling for.

I’m sure I’m missing some… More snapshots to come. For now, let’s keep those fingers crossed that the Leg ends on time!

4 thoughts on “In other news from the Nevada Legislature…

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