The sun also rises

Let’s make this short and bittersweet: I am really disappointed that AB314, the comprehensive sex education bill, is done. Sponsored by Assemblyman David Bobzien and Assemblywoman Sheila Leslie, the bill proposed to establish medically accurate, standardized sex education for every school district in the state. But as the drop deadline approached (the date by which all bills must leave their house of origin or be automatically dead), the prudent move was to remove the bill, which is what Bobzien did. This will enable the bill and its many supporters — among them Planned Parenthood, Nevada Women’s Lobby, ProgressNow Nevada and many, many others — to come back strong next session to get it passed.

Indeed, the amount of support that AB314 had — including many volunteers and constituents contacting their representatives, those who came to Rally for Choice Las Vegas in March and so on — is the sweet part of this news. Sometimes it can feel like it’s lonely to be a progressive in Nevada. But if there is any silver lining to this news, it’s that the progressive voice in Nevada is not quiet and we are not alone.

And if you feel fired up, there’s still plenty of work to do! Contact Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada to get involved!

7 thoughts on “The sun also rises

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