Does Earth Day matter?

So it’s Earth Day. Do you care? Does it matter?

When I started this blog four years ago, I wrote a lot about environmental stuff (click here for classic SCS). I have always been a little bit closet-hippie. (Don’t tell my punk friends!) I mean, what’s wrong with caring about the environment anyway? How many studies do we need to tell us that crappy air, crappy water and crappy soil make us feel… well, crappy?

We know this stuff now right? Right? I mean there was that one Oscar-winning movie by that guy who got a Nobel peace prize. We should all be driving hybrids, eschewing bottled water, carrying our own reusable shopping bags, using CFLs, unplugging energy vampire appliances (like cell phone chargers)… You know all this stuff, right? It’s all around us, complete with corporate tie-ins (see Whole Foods Eco-Scale, which rates cleaning products).

It’s all so… boring! (And, yes, I have total liberal guilt for admitting that.) But I’m not the only who thinks so as this Grist piece points out, eco-nerds the world over are searching for a way to sexy up the climate crisis.

New strategies are desperately needed because, as filmmaker Randy Olson says, “climate is quite possibly THE most boring subject the science world has ever had to present to the public … This stuff is bo-ho-ho-ring.”

Well, there is always the “debate” about climate change. Ugh. I can’t even get excited about that anymore. Are we there yet?

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