Make your voice heard!

From the Nevada Women’s Lobby:


Stop the budget massacre!

Join the Lobby in supporting new tax bills to save valuable Nevada programs!


Assemblywoman Peggy Pierce has four revenue bills heading to hearings.

  • AB333: Increases taxes on tobacco and alcohol.
  • AB335: Modeled after similar effective laws in other states, this bill would create a services tax, which could generate revenue missing from declined sales.
  • AB336: Closes the loophole on outside corporations which don’t pay business taxes. Even with a lower rate than any such tax in surrounding states, this could do a lot to close Nevada’s multi-billion dollar budget deficit.
  • AB428: A net proceeds tax on mining. For decades, Nevada’s second largest industry has been able to get away with paying a pittance in taxes. It’s time they paid their fair share.

Three ways you can help:

  • Show your support by attending hearings, giving testimony and signing your name in support!AB333 will be heard at 9 am on Tuesday, April 5AB428 will be heard at 8 am on Thursday, April 7
  • Contact the members of the Assembly Taxation Committee
    Marilyn Kirkpatrick – Chair
    Harvey Munford- Vice Chair
    Elliot Anderson
    Teresa Benitez-Thompson
    Irene Bustamante Adams
    Lucy Flores
    Dina Neal
    Peggy Pierce
    John Ellison
    Ed Goedhart
    Pete Livermore
    Lynn Stewart
    Melissa Woodbury

Attend the Hearing

Assembly Committee on Taxation

In Carson City:
State Legislative Building
401 S. Carson Street

In Las Vegas:
Grant Sawyer State Office Building
555 East Washington Ave
Las Vegas, Nevada

When you arrive at the hearing, please sign your name on the attendance sheet, indicate bill number and check “In Favor.”

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