Grassroots Lobby Days features Shelby Knox!

Nevada Women’s Lobby’s Grassroots Lobby Days is coming up, March 14-16! During GLD there are a host of great workshops to better understand how bills become law and how to lobby your representatives.

Another great part of GLD is the great speakers lined up! One of those speakers is acclaimed, feminist, prochoice, activist Shelby Knox! Knox became nationally known after her struggle to lobby for comprehensive sex education in her native Texas school system was documented in The Education of Shelby Knox: Sex, Lies and Education. She’s appeared on the Today show, the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and Hardball, among many others. Yes, that Shelby Knox!

So, you get access to kick-ass feminists, like Knox and many others. Who else, you ask? Marybel Batjer, Erin Bilbray, Constance Brooks, Elisa Cafferata, Alaina Cowley, Patty Elzy, Barry Gold,  Mel Goodwin, Marlene Lockard, Annette Magnus, State Senator David Parks, Ellen Spiegel, State Senator Valerie Wiener, and more.

Plus you get access to many state representatives! Learn how to take your activism and lobbying into your own hands through awesome workshops. And show your support for Planned Parenthood’s comprehensive sex education bill here in Nevada. You can learn more about it and sign the petition to show your support here.

There has never been a better time to get involved in Nevada politics. Our state is in a dire economic situation and unless we make our voices heard, drastic cuts to vital programs — education, health care, senior services, child welfare, and more — could get through the Legislature. These are just some of the issues the Nevada Women’s Lobby works on, which is why I am a member. Others include LGBTQ equality (our lobbyist was a key player in swaying the final vote to get the state’s domestic partnership registry passed in 2009), pay equity and fair labor laws, domestic violence and sexual violence issues, and prochoice issues.

And if you think that the GOP-led House is the only place where the War on Women is being waged, think again. Already in this legislative session there have been bills proposed to grant birth certificates to stillbirths (a classic anti-choice tactic).

And Grassroots Lobby Days is totally affordable! Event registration is $40! Or $30 for tickets to just the dinner featuring Shelby Knox. (And I hear that Planned Parenthood of Southern Nevada is carpooling to Carson City.)

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!

PS: You can also follow @nvwomenslobby on twitter for legislative updates! (Or follow me, @TheSinCitySiren.)

Cross-posted on The Tired Feminist.

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