Immediate need

The Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth has sent out a call for an immediate need for gift cards (Target, Kmart, etc) and prepaid calling cards. The gift cards are used by the youth to purchase clothing, food and other necessities while the calling cards are used so that clients can keep in touch with potential employers, case managers and loved ones.

And, as always, Safe Nest and Shade Tree need baby things: diapers, wipes, bottles, onesies, clothes, coats, formula. Another big need is for personal hygiene products: tampons, deodorant, shampoo, soap… etc. (Tip: I notice that Target puts a lot of these items on clearance and if you have coupons you can get them for free or less than $1. I just bought some Garnier shampoo for $0.48 that I plan to donate.)

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