No more sidelines!

As the House vote to defund Planned Parenthood proves, there’s a War on Women right now. (And it’s not just out there, there’s some bills on deck in the Nevada Legislature that are pretty bad, too.) If there was ever a time to stand up for women, it’s right now.

Need some inspiration?

How about a joining the international Walk for Choice on Feb. 26? Based in Chicago, the event is now happening in more than 40 cities (and growing).

I’m organizing an event for Saturday. I still need help, though! Please message me if you are interested!

  • We need a public place with wifi to meet (possibly The Beat?) so we can go virtual, too
  • We need to plan a walk route
  • We need help spreading the word
  • We need speakers

Let Wisconsin inspire you!

Let’s show the House and our own Nevada Legislature that we mean business! Let’s show them that our bodies are not public property! That our autonomy is not a commodity!

And after the Walk for Choice, why not head to Carson City for the Nevada Women’s Lobby’s Grassroots Lobby Days from March 13-15. It’s an excellent way to meet Legislators, learn about how to lobby and speak from your own voice to politicians who impact all of us! Can’t make it? Why not donate to the scholarship fund to sponsor a participant!

And the fun doesn’t stop there. The Sin City Siren and The Tired Feminist will be participating in the second annual Abortion Funds Bowl-a-Thon in April. I participated virtually last year (even at 8 months pregnant!). But why not have an actual bowling event here in Las Vegas? Who’s in? Message me if you want to help me coordinate an event here in town! (You know you want to!)

Let’s make a raucous noise! Let’s make a difference!

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