The skinny on BC

I want to hear from you!

In particular, I’m researching a future post (or posts) on birth control options — the types; the obstacles to access; and how and why we make the choices we do. For instance, do you have (or have had) an IUD? Why or why not? What is your experience with The Pill? Is your choice influenced by cost, access to a provider/pharmacy, religion, marital status, sexual orientation…?

So, let me hear it! Please don’t sit this one out! (You can send me an e-mail to share your thoughts privately, if you prefer.)

Vote in the poll below, too!

And thank you so much for your participation!

4 thoughts on “The skinny on BC

  1. I used to take ortho lo for a year and it gave me unbelievable nausea. After reading about all the side effects of the pill and other chemical contraceptives, I switched over to more “natural” methods of birth control, i.e. condoms. I would however like to try the copper IUD.

    My $.02.

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