Feeling Bookish?

So the next Sin City Siren Book Club meeting is set for Saturday, Jan. 22. Are you ready?

Because if you’re not… like, say, if you’re not done reading Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself by Amy Richards… or if you’re feeling a tad over-booked because it turns out the weekend of Jan. 22-23 is ridonkulously over-booked with yummy feminist activities (and how often can we say that in Las Vegas?)… then let me ask you if you’d like another week? Would ya? Because I kinda would, too. What do you say we push the book club back to next Saturday, Jan. 29?

Location: The Beat Coffeehouse downtown. (I haven’t been there but have heard good things.)

So now you have time to speed-read the book AND go to some awesome feminist happenings! Win-Win! (Or, FTW, as the kids are saying these days.)

The book is all about the friction where feminism and motherhood intersect and tackles topics including the birthing experience, parenting roles and the mommy wars.

New Deadline is Saturday, Jan. 29 @ 1 p.m.
Place: The Beat

Happy reading!

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