What you missed from The Tired Feminist this week

If you haven’t already, please check out my other blog, The Tired Feminist, which has unique content from The Sin City Siren. It’s about life as a stay-at-home feminist and navigating the world of feminist parenthood. This week The Tired Feminist got a shout-out on Joy Rose‘s weekly online TV show!

Here’s what was happening on The Tired Feminist this week:

  • May the Force Be with You: A tribute to Katie and the Star Wars water bottle. Hers is a story that can teach even us adults a lot.
  • Christmas: Pink and Blue All Over: Featured on Joy Rose’s show, this post is about the gendering of toys and how parents play a bigger role (whether we opt in or out) than we cop to.
  • What a Doll!: A feature on the new Go!Go!Sports! dolls… a brilliant answer to the Barbie debate.

Check it out and please follow The Tired Feminist on facebook, too!

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