Shmarah Shmalin

I’m so tired of Sarah Palin. Aren’t you?

I’m tired of her TLC show, which is boring as hell and filled with her 100% fake-as-hell folksy charm. (I’m from Wasilla — you aren’t fooling me with that fake Minnesota accent! Even your kids don’t talk like that!) I’m tired of stories about her — or rather another one of her “controversial” tweets. Yawn. I’m really tired of even seeing her name appear in tweets! And I’m even tired of feminist discourse about her co-opting feminism and having a chapter about feminism in her book… Sorry, I dozed off for a second.

It’s all just so over-blown, hysterical and…trite.

I realize that in writing about her right now, I am in some small part playing into her over-hyped 15 minutes. But this is it. I’m over it. I’m just waiting for the rest of the world to get the memo.

Do we really need to talk about how she took cookies to a Christian school and coyly tweeted about it? Maybe it is a jab at the Obama administration’s attempt to reduce epidemic obesity in this country (and most of all, our children) by reforming the school lunch program. (Because, ya know, as a mom, I don’t want the government telling me what my kids should eat… As if the government is not involved in the food stream in every way already! And, by the way, why wouldn’t you want your kids to be eating healthy? Ya know, as a mom and grandmother and all.) But what I really see in her cute little stunt is a spoiled little kid acting out for attention. Come on, Sarah Palin is a brat! She’s Princess Morbucks from the Power Puff Girls! But instead of running off to Daddy to buy her what she wants, she runs off to the “lamestream media” to make sure her name is at the top of Google search every other day. Oh, I mean, tweet her thoughts because she’s a real rogue maverick independent type, don’cha know.

Well, call me a party pooper, but I’m taking my toys and going home. This is a stupid game. And, it’s a stupid game that hurts America. We have so much work to do! And we have so many better ways to spend our time!

Wake me when her 15 minutes end.

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