The SCS Book Club is ‘Opting In’

The results of the run-off vote are in and you have unanimously picked Opting-In as the next SCS Book Club selection!

Here’s my tiny synopsis:

Opting In: Having a Child Without Losing Yourself by Amy Richards (non-fiction): True, I had this on the list last time, too. This is my overt feminist agenda at work. I just have to have at least one book that allows for a direct conversation about feminism (and in this case, motherhood, too). This book confronts the idea that educated, middle-class women are “opting out” of their careers to have babies. It also looks at other parenting issues including the gendering of childhood, the biological clock, the role of fathers and dispelling myths about the “right” childbirth experience.

Time to get crackin’ (or at least put the book on your holiday wish list). I’ve read the first chapter and it has been compelling so far. The deadline will be mid-January with a date to meet to be determined.

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